In your 50’s and beyond, you encounter many challenges. At any point you can be thrust into unknown territory by the forces of new or unexpected events like these:

Relocation or retirement

Caregiving for a loved one with a life threatening illness


The birth of a grandchild

Taking care of aging parents

Health problems associated with aging

Launching children into adulthood, empty nest

Marriage & remarriage

Starting a new career

Loss of a spouse

Creating new interests & passion in your life

Life transitions occur at thresholds of change, where shifting conditions create a transformative momentum – a momentum that can move you through the upheavals unique to each decade and deliver you into new opportunities and new levels of wellbeing.

Thresholds are timeless, which means you are never too old, or too young, to learn how to engage them. They remove old constraints and bring new awareness in living your life in the present moment.

Midlife is a time when you reflect upon who you are within yourself, in your relationships and your legacy. You ask yourself what is your purpose in the second half of life, what is the meaning of your life as you move forward? The decisions you make at the thresholds of midlife and beyond can have a significant impact on your wellbeing in the years ahead.

Navigating thresholds means understanding that change always involves the unknown. The normal response is to try to control change or do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result… which of course never works.

These thresholds are the doorways to transformation. They empower you to make choices in new ways, that allow you to live your best life now.

How you choose to relate to these thresholds of aging determines
how well you live your life.
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